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Why Search Engines?

Because search engines is where your next new client will look for you.

How do I get more traffic from Google and the other major search engines?

Our submissions will help you increase search engine traffic by unlocking the power of Search Engine Optimization.

Here's exactly how we do it:

Google has created a set of guidelines (requirements and recommendations) to help small businesses get more search traffic. Meeting these guidelines has a dramatic effect on your Google traffic, and traffic from the other top search engines as well.

First we analyze each page of your site to calculate your Google status.

We will analyze each page of your web site to see how well it meets Google's guidelines as well as those of other major search engines.

Tool 1. Blacklist Check
The first step is to check to be sure your site is not being penalized by Google or other search engines. Most sites don't know if they are on Google's so-called blacklist. Getting on the list is easier than you may realize. Something as simple as linking to the wrong site can do it. We perform this check at least once a month.

Tool 2. Get In Google
We automatically create and submit a Google compliant XML Sitemap of your web site pages and get them indexed in Google, usually within 72 hours. New sites get listed within 24 hours.

Tool 3. We  update your XML Sitemap on a weekly basis for best results.

Re-submitting your XML Sitemap to the major search engines on a regular basis improves your search traffic by increasing the number of pages they index, helping to improve your overall search results quality. Weekly XML Sitemap submission also will increase your site's overall search results quality by helping Google and the other search engines index more of your site's content.

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